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We bring custom action figures to life!

Wish your favorite online game, comic, or movie characters were made by toy manufacturers, but they didn't do it? Are you a hardcore gamer that wants your character on your shelf to display for all to see? Do you want to cosplay, but need an item to make it the best?
If you have an awesome idea for a great action figure or statue that no one makes now, it can be created.

We have some standard custom project types to give you an idea of what we make possible. Don't see what you need? Try asking us and see if we can make it.

Halo Reach Sgt Johnson

Custom Halo Figures

One of our favorites and our specialty

We love all Halo games and it shows! If you want your Spartan, Covenant, or other character brought to life, we're your source. And we can do it affordably!

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Kai Leng-Mass Effect

Comic & Game Figures

Star Wars, GI Joe, Marvel, etc. are possible

Comic book, movie, and gaming characters are a great source of fun. We can even create your own custom figure. Write to receive an estimate.

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Halo Apache with Spartan

Vehicles, Mechs & Bases

Our specialties along with diorama bases

Characters often need an amazing ride, mechanical component, extra weaponry, or a diorama base to display them. We're ready to set them up right!

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Recon Assassin-Cosplay EVA Armor

Cosplay Armor

Custom-built EVA armor & 3D items

We have experience with EVA armor builds having created two sets of Halo Armor. Photo resin 3D printing is also available. Thermoforming is next.

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UNSC Needle Rifle

1:1 Custom Weaponry

Custom weapons to match cosplays

Modifying existing weapons, creating new custom weaponry, and finishing your cosplay items is one of the things we enjoy doing for our clients.

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UNSC Marine Halo 3 Cosplay Helmet

Custom Finishing

Custom paint, electronics, cooling, etc.

Cosplay armor and other costumes get hot, require lighting, and often need some finishing touches. Give us your items to finish and we'll make it happen.

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About SMArt-Customs

This SMart-Customs site is designed to display the possibilities you can find in professionally created customized figures.  These creations are truly a labor of love - when it comes down to extreme details - I'm your man! Game accurate or just plain fun with tons of creativity, they can all be made possible. 


Each figure receives the utmost in professional scale-modeling care. Each one truly becomes a unique work of art. That is how I approach each and every project. Your figure is painstakingly created and "imagineered" to provide something more special for action figure fans and game-players of all types. Gamers and collectors are a rare breed. We all long to have a true collectible that no other person has, right? Possessing that unique and one-of-a-kind action figure, statue, or diorama scene is now possible for anyone on any budget. We offer tons of options and send pics all along the way to make sure you get EXACTLY what you want (maybe even a little more). Changes along the way are expected and welcomed. It's an interactive process with SMArt-Customs. Each client should have the opportunity to make things better along the way. Some may add costs, but that 's reality. Offering the best result is my mission.  


I work to fit the biggest bang into your custom project bucks. Guaranteed! I guarantee that each custom piece won't be duplicated which ensures the collectible value will only increase and your collection will be that much better than the next collector's. Competition is a good thing, but knowing you have the best is always better, isn't it? I also am noted for my custom attachment system known as MAG Points™ which is my Magnetic Attachment Gear Points System that replaces the standard peg-and-hole systems typically found today. This allows for a better look and stronger attachment in any location to any figure I create. It is my branding on the system so no other custom copiers can use that name without problems.

Look for my ongoing creations on eBay by searching by my seller name: dsmiller10. I also have a Facebook page now that highlights a lot of my past work and also my upcoming projects. We have twitter and Instagram as well. You can follow us using the icons at the bottom of the page. Check out our gallery above to see a sampling of the projects I have created myself. It's a great job and I love every day I get to create something cool. I have worked with some of the most discriminating clients and they're great. Challenge is a good way to grow and I grow with every new project. If you want to discuss your own project, just fill out the simple form below and we can start talking about it!

We Offer the Ultimate Experience In Action Figure & Cosplay Customs:
What Work We Do Here?

I do complete custom action figures of more than just HALO, but I truly enjoy all the lines this subject has to offer. Work is done on Joyride, McFarlane Toys, Wiz Kidz ActionClix, Lego, MegaBloks, Hasbro, Matel, and all the others. We enjoy Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Image, GI Joe, Video Game Characters, Military, and all the other action figures. I put my heart and soul into each figure making them truly unique creations that no other collector has. If you are looking for a repaint or a completely new figure, trust SMArt-Customs to handle all the details. We can bring your action figure to life!

How Are the Customs Made?

All the work you see here is completely my creation. Many different figures or models (even toys) contribute parts, weapons, or ideas in the making of these new custom creations. My "spare parts box" is a wealth of items that make these customs UNIQUE EVERY TIME. After over 30 years of professional model-making, I collected some very eccentric parts and honed my techniques a lot. I also take suggestions on my commission work where you can specify the combination of parts or provide a reference sketch or let me take it from there. Imagination is a great thing! "Go big, or go home."

Is It Magic or a Trade Secret?

Not really! I learned the techniques of small-scale creation from two master model makers. These skills make them appear hyper-realistic.  The process isn't easy, but the results give a one-of-a-kind piece that anyone can be proud to display. The entire process involves steps that many don't take the time to do anymore. Noted model artists paved the way for me and showed military modelers like me how to bring custom scale figures to life. It applies to my cosplay creations as well. It's a labor of love (and patience).

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